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Listen to the London Clinic podcast featuring Professor Prokar Dasgupta discussing robotic surgery and follow a patient pathway for the treatment of prostate cancer.


I’m a prostate expert – these are the symptoms to watch out for.

King Charles III's candidness about his enlarged prostate is encouraging, say specialists - it's very common in men over 50, but not often discussed.

Doctors print 3d prostate guide to guide surgery.

Prokar Dasgupta and his team at Guy’s Hospital in London held the 3D copy in their hands as they used a £2 million robot to cut away the tumour.

Why Doctors make the worst patients?

The cardiologist with heart disease, the psychiatrist with depression, the plastic surgeon who wants new breasts... Who do doctors turn to when they need help?

Meet the best Urologists in Britain.

Ask most people how prostate cancer is treated and the chances are they’ll say ‘surgery’. In fact, surgery — removal of the prostate — is just one weapon in the arsenal of procedures.

Who's the best surgeon for your prostate cancer?

Who's the best surgeon for your prostate cancer op?

It's a delicate operation that can leave men impotent and incontinent - so who do the experts turn to?

Surviving prostate cancer: A prostate surgeon's story.

Professor Roger Kirby is one of the world's leading prostate surgeons. So when he developed prostate cancer last year he knew exactly what he was up against. He tells Simon Garfield about his operation – and life as a patient.

'Remote' surgery turning point

A PIONEERING study by British doctors has revealed that a robot is better than a human surgeon at carrying out a complex kidney operation - even when the robot is controlled by doctors 4,000 miles away.

Botox: now it's not just for wrinkles.

Just another vanity project or could Botox injections help to treat migraine? Now experts are finding new and surprising uses for the 'face-freezing' agent derived from rancid sausages.

Robo-op: How Robotic surgery is changing the lives of prostate cancer sufferers.

It's a scene to make you squirm. On the table is a 3D model of a part of a man's body, while overhead an arrangement of James Bond-like lasers dance with venomous glee. But this isn't a 21st Century torture scene; it's the home of a high-tech medical practice that is promising to change the way prostate cancer is treated in the UK.

Q&A with Professor Prokar Dasgupta

Consultant urologist at The London Clinic and this year’s recipient of the prestigious St Peter’s medal, talks robotic surgery, innovation and the search for synergy.



Dancer has kidney removed through her belly button.

A dancer has become the first teenager in Europe to undergo a revolutionary procedure to remove an organ through a tiny incision in the belly button.

Surgeon's use 3d printed model of prostate in pioneering operation.

Surgeons have for the first time in the NHS used a 3D-printed copy of a patient’s prostate to help them remove the cancerous gland.

Pioneering operation technology allows experts to supervise from miles away.

Doctors at Guy’s Hospital are the first to operate on a prostate cancer patient with the lead surgeon nowhere to be seen.

London Hospital becomes first in the UK to perform 10,000 operations using robot.

A London hospital has become the first in the UK to complete 10,000 operations using a surgical robot.

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